Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Cross the Line with Us.

They say...a woman should not cross over from teary eyes to regain strength

She must stay on the side of the line even after rape, betrayal, lover’s abuse

So that she must be called ABUSED!

She must stay victimized and disrespected

To earn a place on a pedestal so that she can be called sexy

And left to go insane with expectations about her femininity

She must remain waiting for words of appreciation and affirmation that never come

Waiting for equal pay, equal say and equal opportunities that never come

Waiting for acknowledgement and not judgement

And when achieving any place of power, reduced only to the line that dictates how much she should be empowered

We say...she must walk, she must run, she must fight and go that extra mile

She must deconstruct the system and break down the barriers

Challenge the aggression and free herself from oppression

For she must take back the power

And together...we are women crossing the line

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