Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Nana Speaks!

My passion… is addressing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) issues through creating a collective voice on issues affecting us as young women and providing hope and mentorship to those coming after me.

My obsession? Perfection, learning and opinion! I believe in learning as a form of understanding and unpacking of issues. I am totally obsessed with perfection and opinion as I believe in speaking my mind and getting things done in perfection.

My thoughts around...
Voice: My Voice is a weapon for challenging patriarchy and all forms of oppression, and it should never be compromised. Although we are not homogenous, young women can use our collective voices to address issues affecting us and to strengthen young women’s organizing.

Power: Many people think that as young women we have no power. I tend to think that every woman has power, individually; the power within and collectively; the power with. I regard power as a resource, therefore, there is need to harness all forms of power; our power to continue the fight for social justice and equity.

Body: I once read a quote by Margaret Sanger that ‘No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body’. This for me has stood strong over the years. Women’s bodies are often violated during conflict situations, and even when there is peace. To free ourselves…or rather FREEDOM from oppression is to gain autonomy over our bodies; to have bodily integrity and to be able to make our own choices.

My Vision is to contribute to the emancipation of women from patriarchy and patriarchal perspectives that hinder us from achieving our fullest potential. I envision communities and the world that upholds justice, human rights and equity, where women are not objects of oppression.

And lastly, my thoughts on Pepeta Africa. I hope that this will be a platform for collective voice and action for young women to participate in decision making, to challenge patriarchy and the status quo and to influence actions and decisions about issues affecting us. My hope is that Pepeta Africa will be the tool for us to demonstrate our passion, commitment, power, resilience and collective voice.

(EXCERPT from the Pepeta Regional Cluster on SRHR)

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