Saturday, 19 January 2013


I never chose to be a woman yet I was born a woman,

I never said let
me have a vagina yet I was born with a vagina.

And then man sees me as a sex object: and I am raped.

I speak out but no one listens to me, Just because I am a woman.

Just because I am a woman  I cannot dress up and feel good!

If I do, I will be ‘taught’ how I should dress.

I fear to walk outside on my own because I don't know what will
happen to me.

 I really  don't have a safe place because I am a women.

At my house, in the streets, at school, at work there is violence…I don't even know where to go!
I don’t know where I can be safe.  Because I am a woman, I am looking for a safe place, a safe space.

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