Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I ask myself:  what makes me a woman?  Is it my biological makeup that makes me different from men? For most that’s what makes women different from men. This biological make up is actually reason enough to treat women differently as regards decision making, employment specialisation and so on. As common as this may be, it is actually unjust. I believe women should be accorded the same opportunities to participate in decision making positions as their male counterparts. 
As a feminist, being a woman means I can handle many circumstances just as well as a man can. It does not mean that I am against men; it means that I refuse to be treated differently by virtue of being a woman. I believe the hand that rocks the cradle can also rule the world.  It’s not just an adage, but a notion that has every possibility of becoming a reality. I envision a world where men and women can be treated equally, where a woman is not undermined or belittled because she is regarded as the ‘weaker sex’.  I believe this world will achieve goals much quicker than the prevailing one where a woman is second guessed when it comes to corporate decision making but embraced when those decisions are made on the home front.
What makes me a woman is not the fact that I can nurture, but that I can use my nurturing spirit to make all encompassing decisions which do not segregate but can accomplish results which can benefit everyone. What makes me a woman is not the fact that I can bear children, but that I can bear children who will learn values and attitudes from me that will enable them contribute positive change to the world.
 Sibongile Ndaba


Generation Alive said...

Nyc piece Sibs :)

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Alice said...

Well said Sibo, i believe that its high time we as women stood up and led our lives and make our own decisions. The fact that we are women should not deter us from doing what the men can do. We have just as much potential and will power to make decisions and take up challenging positions.

As we approach the election date in Zambia, i would urge all the women especially the young women to stand up and exercise your right to vote as only the vote will giving a louder voice in ensuring that policies are put in place which will provide a conducive environment for us to exercise our rights and be respected for who we are 'human beings'.